vertigo Grant Dobson Valley Chiropractic Sonoma

What’s Going on With Vertigo and What Are Some Treatment Options?

Vertigo is defined as the sudden sensation that you are spinning or the world is spinning around you.  Vertigo can have many causes based on ...
Grant Dobson Valley Chiropractic Sonoma

Improve your Golf and Tennis Game With These Stretches and Exercises

When it comes to rotational sports like golf and tennis there are several things to consider when looking at sports specific stretches and exercises.  First ...
backpain Grant Dobson Valley Chiropractic Sonoma

One of The Most Important Muscles For Low Back Pain – The Lumbar Multifidus.

What does the lumbar multifidus do and why is it important? The lumbar multifidus is a group of small, but powerful stabilizing muscles in your ...

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